10 - 70 HP

The JR2 Propak Edge

Refined Design / Loaded with Features

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  • "Off the shelf" components resulting in lower parts cost
  • Two-pass design for maximum durability
  • High output firetube configuration
  • Heavy-duty, first-class materials
  • Renowned for a long life, plus 30 years
  • Equippied with premium, packaged FORCED DRAFT burners; factory test-fired
  • Lower service costs
  • Thoughtfully engineered; enhanced by our extensive design experience
  • Excellent overall plant efficiency
  • Skillfully crafted to high standards
  • High quality -- exceptional value
  • Ample steam space/release surface
  • Door opens without removal of burner components or fuel and power lines
  • Full-sized hinged rear door for quick and easy access to tubes and refractory
  • Heavy door gaskets are intended for repeated use and are easily replaced
  • Outstanding inspection accessibility

Standard Steam Trim
  • Safety valve(s)
  • Waterglass set
  • Pressure gauge
  • Gauge cock
  • Trycocks
  • Pressuretrol - high limit safety (manual reset)
  • Pressuretrol - operating
  • Pressuretrol - high fire or poroportional firing (modulating) control. (Standard 30 BHP and above, optional 25 BHP and below.)
  • McDonnell & Miller 157S low water cutoff and pump control
  • Water column blowdown valve
  • Manual reset, probe type auxiliary low water cutoff control
  • Stainless steel feed water check valve
  • Feed water shutoff valve
  • Ball type bottom blowdown valve (optional Everlasting quick opening and/or slow opening Y-pattern globe valve.)
  • Surface blowdown skimmer pipe, ball valve and throttling valve
  • Drain valve
  • Stack thermometer

Narrow Width Feature
By avoiding troublesome, room-robbing refractory baffles, and using unique, highly effective 1-1/2 inch tube arrangements along with innovative insulation details, models as narrow as 34 inches are created. The water column can be mounted on either side and removed for passage through narrow doorways. The result is superb performance, ease of maintenance and narrow width.

Options and Alternatives
We specialize in customizing your boiler. The Propak can be equipped to suit a wide variety of installations and specifications. We will help direct you to the most cost-effective models and features.

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