53 to 4500 SQUARE FEET
Low Pressure Steam or Hot Water


Our Firebox boilers are used in automatically fired biomass systems all over North America.

View printable literature - BARON BF3
View printable literature - ENVOY EF3


  • EF3 ENVOY , 2" tubes, 77 to 1501 sq. ft. H.S.
  • EF3 ENVOY , 2-1/2" tubes, 1000 to 4500 sq. ft. H.S.
  • BF3 BARON , 2-1/2" tubes, 82 to 1000 sq. ft. H.S.
  • VF3 VICTOR, 3" tubes, 100 to 4500 sq. ft. H.S.

Special Features for these solid fuel systems include :
  • FULL WETBACK construction prevents the short circuiting of flue gases
  • Open furnace bottom (no base or refractory floor)
  • Hinged furnace access door; front, rear or side 16 or 20 inch diameter
  • Custom rear flue gas box outlet
  • Integral front flue box liner protects insulation from wear and damage
  • Outstanding inspection access as well as quick and easy maintenance
  • Flushout and inspection openings are 3x4 inch handhole type. Offset studs ease installation.
  • ASME fireside fusible plug
  • A variety of other customer-specified options are available

OPTIONAL Hot Water Trim
  • Relief valve(s)
  • Pressure gauge with gauge cock
  • Water temperature indicator
  • Manual reset, probe type low water cutoff
  • Operating temperature control
  • Manual reset high limit temperature control
  • High fire temepratuare contro or proportional firing rate (modulating) control
  • Drain valve
  • Stack thermometer

  • Safety valve(s)
  • Waterglass set
  • Pressure gauge
  • Gauge cock
  • Three trycocks
  • Pressure control - high limit safety (manual reset)
  • Pressure control - operating
  • Pressure control - high fire or proportional firing (modulating) control
  • McDonnell & Miller 157S low water cutoff and pump control
  • Water column blowdown valve
  • Manual reset, probe type auxiliary low water cutoff control
  • Drain valve
  • Stack thermometer

Options and Alternatives
  • Auxiliary hinge mounted oil or gas backup burner
  • Firing rate control pressure or temperature controller
  • Stainless steel jacket
  • Hinged access doors - 16, 20 or 24 inch pipe size
  • Furnace pressure taps
  • Additional peepsite assemblies

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