CF3 COMPAK 15 to 150 HP
CF3 COMPAK 150 to 700 HP


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Excellent Combustion Efficiency

  • Surpasses watertube/low volume/coiltube
  • surpasses cast iron/copper fin/vertical
  • Matches all firetubes
  • Ranges from 83% to 87%

Engineered to Last
  • Thicker, SA285C Pressure Vessel Quality Plate and larger diameter stay-rod
  • 100% water-cooled
  • Refined by decades of field application
  • PROVEN long life

Gas or Oil Flexibility
  • Forced draft firing yields higher efficiency
  • Equipped with advanced world-class burners
  • Adaptable to many makes (ULC packaged listing with several burner makes and models)
  • Can reuse customer burners (some conditions apply)

For the Environment
  • Inherently low NOx and CO
  • NOT designed as throw-away
  • Draft hoods are not required
  • Many sizes to match loads and cut fuel usage
  • Two-stage and full modulation for lower stack emissions

Exceptional Design

  • Wetback runs cooler and enhances efficiency
  • Maintenance-free wetback
  • Less costly straight tubes
  • Large, water-cooled furnace for increased efficiency
  • Cooler, durable tubesheet
  • NEW optional X-ID boiler tubes available for even better overall efficiency

Additional Features
  • Ample heating surfance
  • No dry back radiant loss or short ciruits
  • Optimal number of passes, three
  • Rolled and BEADED tubes
  • Smaller vents--no barometric heat loss

Unequalled Experience
  • 90-year heritage
  • Engineering ability to custom design
  • Hundreds of designs, thousands of models
  • Computer designed

Built With Pride
  • High quality materials
  • Excellence in design
  • Crafted with care
  • Skilled service technicians and knowledgeable product reps.
  • Carefully tested

Lower Parts Costs
  • Standard frame motor
  • Standard flame safeguard controls
  • North American pressure vessel components
  • Minimal routine parts consumption

Easier to Service
  • Complete accessibility to fireside and waterside
  • Large handhole cleanouts
  • Hinged front door(s)
  • Long-life gaskets
  • Fuel and power lines do not interfere

Simpler to Repair
  • No welded tubes
  • No special watertubes or cast iron sections
  • Easily welded steel plates
  • No special refractory components
  • Quickly dismantled

Complete Information
  • CAD dimensional arragement drawings
  • Detailed specifications
  • Plant tours and demo units
  • User lists

Our Products are Continually Improved
Ask about X-ID boiler tubes for improved combustion efficiency.
Material Specifications
• SA285-C boiler plate
• SA 178A Boiler Tubes
• 2 inch tubes up to 300 BHP, 2-1/2 inch tubes over 300 BHP
• Class 3000# forged threaded NPT connections up to 3 inch
• Class 150# RFS flanges over 3 inch
• 1 inch minimum diameter stay rods
• 3 x 4 handhole openings, quantity in excess of ASME Code requirements
• 5 sq. ft. heating surface per boiler HP (Compak CF3 Series)
• Heavy 10 GA and 3/16 flue boxes

Model Designation
LS - Low Pressure Steam
LW - Low Pressure Water
HW- High Pressure Water
O - Oil Fuel
G - Gas Fuel
GO - Gas/Oil
P - Propane
Design Pressure
15 PSIG Steam
30 PSIG Water
up to 90 PSIG Water

Extra Heavy-Duty Construction

Factory Test-Fired to Full Input Combustion

• Report included in manual

Factory Wired
• Strip for door entry
• Trim can face either side

Easy Rear Entry
• 16 inch access door standard over 30 HP (hinged optional)

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